I went away

I didn’t actually go away-away (as in, to another place) but I went away from my blog. And then in the interim you may have noticed my blog went away for a couple of days. Because in the infinite wisdom of the internet, nominet decided to only tell me after my site had been down for 24 hours that I needed to renew my domain. So hey.

The reason I have been away is that October is the month of all the things. It’s the month of getting back into the stride of university and remembering that I have a degree to do, which this year comes with the added bonus of PhD applications (which are a joyous thing, believe me [does sarcasm work in writing?]). I’ve also been involved in producing “Into the Woods” with Music Theatre which is well on it’s way to being a top show, but is incredibly time consuming.

Then there is Halloween, which if you remember last year you’ll know is a big deal in casa de Sally and Boyfriend. So there was that. Also, among all of the other many things I have a job. Oh! One last thing. I’m cheating on this blog with another one now. It’s not live yet, but it is the LUU Backstage blog and I have been writing posts for it generally, and specifically about the SMS Cabaret for which I had the great job of being Production Manager. It was great fun and once my blog about it goes live I’ll definitely share.

In the meantime,  I really can’t promise I’ll be back here for a while, but I’ll try and pop up with fun updates from time to time. However, since my readership over the last month has overwhelmingly been Korean spammers, I doubt you’ll mind too much.

안녕 지금

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