Weird things I do: 1

Being a person who lives on the internet, I am a fan of memes in general, but the one which I’ve found I have the most love for is a slightly more recent one called “Weird Things I do Potoo”. What is a Potoo you ask? This is –

The perfect animal to represent the weird things that the people of the world do.

So here is my first installment of this little series (it has to be a series, because I do a ton of weird things).  I like to call it, weird things I do to get to sleep.

The first thing I do to chill out, is I watch Youtube videos of people doing weird cooking. These are probably my two favourites, but I honestly recommend most of RRCherryPie’s videos of weird Japanese tiny-food being made in silence. Watch the video if you’re confused. Then watch the second one, which is a person icing a cake with heavy whipped cream.

They are just so satisfying, they send me right off to sleep. Clearly I have an odd relationship with food, but let’s not comment on that.

The other thing which makes me really sleepy is having my nose stroked. Which I suppose is not so much a weird thing I do, as a weird thing I get other people to do for me (and when I say “other people” we’re really just talking Boyfriend, because there’s weird, and then there is getting strangers to stroke your nose).

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