After the serious level of post which I’ve had going on for a little while, I thought I’d lighten the mood by allowing myself to be suckered into a click-bait quiz (you know, the ones which tempt you with their silly titles, and then you do it even though you know full well it has no basis in actual fact or statistics. It’s a bit like horoscopes).

I went for the “What job should you really have” quiz. I figured it might be interesting since I haven’t 100% decided on a career path as yet (I plan on doing that kind of grown-up thinking sometime soon…but not now). The quiz had this enlightenment for me:



So there we are. Though I’m flattered, I somewhat feel like this has come from the answer to a single one of the 10 questions. I’m also not sure that these are the only qualifications for being a therapist – while I love the idea that my “warmth and sensitivity can heal others” that’s getting a bit towards the homeopathic for my liking. I’ll probably push along with the current job for the time being.

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