A quick apology, and clarification

On Saturday I wrote this post about the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.

First, let me apologise to anyone who has read it and is offended by it. I don’t mean to be offensive in the slightest, but parts of it are very blunt.

Second. I don’t know anyone with motor neurone disease. If I did, I’d probably be all over dumping water on my head. I’d definitely be all over donating. If you are able to donate to a charity, that is such a good thing, and you should definitely do that as much as you are able, because charity is a good, powerful, wonderful thing. Just because I would choose to donate to something else, does not make a donation to a cause you care for less valid, of less value, and certainly it doesn’t make it wrong.

Third, the clarification. The main thing I wanted to get across in my post is that if you’re willing to take the time to donate to charity, and willing to spend the money, please take some time to make sure you are donating to a cause you think is worthy, and don’t just bandwagon. Facebook likes are great, but the world is made of more, and it’s good to care about what that more is. Websites like JustGiving can help you choose a charity which matches your personal priorities, and Charity Navigator can help you make sure your donation will go where you want it to.

Please don’t not give, but please also give knowing that you are informed.

And if you can’t give right now, FREE RICE!

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