Le Tour

Just a short one today. Reasons why Yorkshire is great…

So as everyone knows, the Tour de France had its Grand Départ from Leeds this weekend. I was watching coverage on the news this morning and a woman being interviewed was asked why she thought so many people had turned out to watch (it has been one of the most attended Départs ever). Her response made me giggle for two reasons…this is what she said:

It’ll never happen again in our lifetime

Why did it make me giggle, I hear you ask? Well, my reason is that she made that statement having just said how great it was that the Tour was in the UK. However, Wikipedia tells us:


So here are my two reasons to giggle. Firstly because I think it’s so fantastic that loads of people in Yorkshire (the antithesis of France, I think it’s fair to say) would be so keen to go stand on a hill and watch some madmen on bikes. That positive spirit is one of the reasons I love living in Yorkshire so much.

Secondly because London clearly is not anywhere near as good as the north if people have already forgotten that there has been a UK Grand Départ in their lifetime. Poor effort London.

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