America may have talent, but apparently they’ve forgotten to practice basic parenting.

So, Boyfriend is currently watching a re-run of America’s Got Talent, which is a perfectly good way to spend one’s time (if that’s what you’re into).

Then, this girl comes on. She’s called Chloe, she’s 11, and I have so many problems with her it’s unbelievable. If you didn’t come here for a rant today, look away now. Here are the problems I have with this kid.

  1. Her parents.

Ok, that’s basically it because I know that really, the issues aren’t with the child. Let me start a new list. Stuff which I hate about this poor child’s parents.

  1. They let their child go on a ridiculous talent show. I don’t mind televised talent shows as a rule, and some great acts have emerged from them, but in general they are not a positive experience for the people involved – they are stressful, expose people to the mob attitude of the viewing public, and they are often complete dead-ends. I don’t think children should be allowed on them.
  2. They let their child sing on a talent show. She’s 11. Her voice may change as she matures. Whatever career she may get out of this (which will probably be none, see above) could be completely destroyed when she hits puberty. Get her singing lessons, not a national platform.
  3. They have raised a child who at 11 years old is saying that when she wins the ridiculous talent show, she’ll spend the money on hunting gear.

I mean, 3 is where I really lost it. REALLY AMERICA. You’re really ok with televising an 11 year old explaining how into big-game hunting she is. Do you have absolutely no morals? That’s an ELEVEN YEAR OLD talking about how great KILLING is. Remember all those problems you have with killing. MAYBE THIS IS WHY. I mean, feel free to tell me I’m wrong, but I just think you shouldn’t educate your children to think that hunting is a fun hobby, and if you come across a child who has been educated in that way, they shouldn’t be put on TV. They should be taken away from their parents, because these people are clearly incapable of raising a child in a safe and appropriate environment.


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