Cats and Genocide

I’ve had a rather mixed day. On the one hand, I went into town and scored these AMAZING leggings (even though I wouldn’t call myself a legging person, but they are comfy for in the house, so…) for only £5. They would be perfect if I wasn’t a bit anti-cat…

catlegs cats

Having bought the cat leggings, I then proceeded (as is only natural) to come home and watch Hotel Rwanda.

Now, I try to keep up with documentaries or historical dramatisations because I am a firm believer in the adage that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. However, having cried for a solid half-hour following the end of Schindler’s List, I’ve steered clear of Hotel Rwanda for fear of having the same reaction.

I’d read about the Rwandan Genocide, but the cinematography of Hotel Rwanda really brings the events to life, and Don Cheadle is amazing. I’ve never particularly paid attention enough to  judge him either way as a good or bad actor, but Hotel Rwanda is an absolute masterclass. The history of events is enough to get a sensitive humanitarian heart going, but the individual story of Paul Rusesabagina is absolutely touching, and inspirational to a wider global community who essentially turned their backs on the Rwandan people.

As a collective, we’re becoming more aware of humanitarian crisis globally, but there are still so many situations which are skirting under the radar. In the “Western World” (I use the term loosely, don’t get academic on me) most people would rightly cite the Holocaust as the most important humanitarian crisis of the modern era. I’m not suggesting that’s wrong, because if we’re going by numbers, they speak for themselves. However, rather than settling ourselves to the fact that the Nazis have been defeated and everything is sparkling and nice, we should be turning our attention to areas like Western Sahara – currently the location of a very real humanitarian crisis which is going largely ignored…much as the Rwandan Genocide was in 1994.

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