Dream Diary

Last night my dream went thusly.

So I’m with my friend M, in a world shared between humans and evil human-killing robots which look something like this:

evil robot

I believe there was more preamble than that, but I don’t remember. Anywho, so the evil robots are taking over, and M has fallen down a cliff, and then I pretended to be dead so the robots would ignore me because apparently if they zap you with their laser eyes, you become one of them (go figure).

Moving onwards, the playing dead thing seemed to work, because the next thing that happened is that I was found by a group of mostly old ladies, and taken to their cabin. We became a kind of survival gang, including Vance (where did I get that name, I have literally no idea) the friendly and not evil robot. Except that after a while the evil robots come, and the cabin is somehow under water because dreams, and it turns out that Vance lead them to us. So I beat him up. Which was made easier when his metal face suddenly turned into a paper pumpkin.

All this drama should be enough for one person, but not me. Having beaten Vance up, James Marsden (the actor, who always plays the guy-you-think-is-ok-but-then-he’s-the-baddy/a-bit-of-a-div) turns up and informs me that I’ve completed summer camp. Yay! Wait, someone sent me to a summer camp where robots fake-kill all the people around you? Not cool.

However, he did let me go back to the cabin and get the tiny bunny which I’d found some time earlier, so that’s great.

Whatever I am doing before bed probably needs to stop if this is what my imagination gets up to.

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