Thanks for tuning in!

Once again, over my holiday, I fell off the blogging wagon.

I am prone to falling off wagons, in great number. I have tried vaguely to diet (and fallen off the wagon). I have tried working out (fallen off). I have tried eating breakfast (a particularly bad wagon to tumble from). In general I am bad at keeping those personal promises you make to yourself.

It has recently become 2014, and like many bloggers in the big wide blogosphere I’m here to say thanks to you all for tuning back into my ramblings, and to make a resolution for the new year. A new wagon to clamber onto the back of.

This year, rather than picking something and then precariously hanging on for dear life I’ve decided to make a resolution that affects someone else. That way, I figure, I’ll have to keep it up. I’ve chosen to make sure I encourage and support Boyfriend and help him achieve his goals. He has a similar resolution for me.


So if I stop blogging again for any length of time, you can consider it his fault.

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