A serious overhaul

I’m doing a serious blog overhaul. Since I’ve moved over to WordPress things have been looking a little messy (posts not being nicely categorised etc) and I’ve realised that in some ways that applies to my entire internet life. I’m trying to get everything sorted and in some kind of order, to which end I’ve been going through my old posts.

What on Earth was I writing most of the time?!

Good thing no-one actually reads this blog, otherwise I’d have to blush and run away.

Another thing I’m doing is looking through all kinds of old bits on my computer, which alerted me to all my teenage poetry. I loved (and continue to love) writing poetry, and while mine seems to be filled with all kinds of drama and general teenage angst I’m still proud of it, so expect to see a page with my work on popping up in the near future.


Tata for now x

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