Firstly, let me share my favourite Halloween song with you: Danse Macabre. This video by See Me Fly Productions is prettymuch just a brilliant (and pleasingly camp) representation of it. Also for those of you scratching your heads, it’s the music from Jonathan Creek

So Boyfriend and I hosted a Halloween party. I love Halloween, because I like dressing up, and if you have a party then you get to extend the dressing up to your house. What’s not to like?

The theme we chose was “Fairytales gone bad”, basically due to our now fanatic love of Once Upon A Time (as expressed in this post). Following along from that, I decided to be Gretel and decorate the front room like the inside of the gingerbread house. We decorated our dining room like a haunted forest. It looked like this:

Halloween collage

And here is me, dressed up

Sally as Gretel

You’ll see that I wrapped my wrists in bandage, because in my gone-bad version of Hansel and Gretel, it wasn’t the witch who made it into the oven, it was Hansel. When Gretel tried to pull him out she burnt her arms and now she’s stuck working for the witch, and has frankly gone a bit mental (see the stare above. I am an ACTOR)

All in all it was a fantastic time. I’m dedicating the next post to my Halloween food.

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