Defying Gravity

Do you ever have one of those days where you spend too much time around people who don’t quite know you well enough to realise you’re going insane?

I had that day yesterday. I spent the whole day being smiley and nice and wonderful and helpful, and inside the sane part of me just kept getting more and more detached until off it floated to enjoy itself somewhere less weird. And I was left as just little old completely nuts me. I’ve mentioned this phenomenon before, the Sally-Mood, but it took off in earnest yesterday. I’m only lucky that the Boyfriend is who he is, because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be.

Did you follow that?

Good. Basically I did a pretty good impression of someone who needs committing. Finally back down came my sanity, gave me a slap across the face and told me to grow up, which is what I’ve done. I can’t help thinking though, how nice it would be, next time, to fly off with my sanity and to leave my body to crazy itself to death, without me inside crazying away too.

But ah well. Can’t have everything.

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