Cabin Fever

So I’m sure you remember this post from really early on where I bitched all about people in my class? Well I’m in that mood again.Don’t worry, I’m not going to have a moan.

What I am going to do is explain myself. See, I have these things called Sally-Moods. I think everyone has them, but for some reason not everyone recognises them by their scientific name. The Sally-Mood is another form of cabin fever which for those who don’t know is that feeling you get when you’ve been cooped up with the same person for too long. You go a little nuts, and start getting silly about thing which you know you shouldn’t.

And it winds me right up, because I know I’m doing it.

Now then, I have nothing more to say, so I’m going to amuse myself in some other way, because if I write on here in a Sally-Mood, there is no telling what kind of hideous secrets I might accidentally reveal.

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