Secret Trippin’

Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday. I had a good reason though. The reason is, I’m in the UK! I came back in secret for a party to surprise my Auntie. Because she reads the blog I couldn’t mention I was back, but of course being in the UK I have had nothing to say about Morocco.I have had a lovely day being back. We went for a very posh meal at a very posh hotel, which was toned down by the presence of my tiny cousins who enjoyed a lot of running around. We followed up our meal with a long walk around the gardens of the estate, which was great because it was a really sunny (if nippy) day. After that we headed back to my Aunties house for a catch-up on the Libya situation and some cheese and wine. I popped to the shops with my Dad to get some food for the evening, and then we made it back home, cousins in tow, to have a light pasta dinner and watch some comedy TV.

Tomorrow I get back on a plane to Morocco. Which is fine, but I’m glad I’m only back for a week. I need my break in England again, there are people I really want to see, which I’d not realised until I got back here. I miss you all (you know who you are).

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