Little Drops of Rain, Little Grains of Sand

Little drops of rain
Little grains of sand
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land
Little notes that sing
Little words that rhyme
Make the mighty memories
And the dreams of time
These are the words to the first two verses of the song ‘Little Drops of Rain’ sung by Judy Garland in the film ‘Gay Pur-ee’. If you’ve never seen it, then you’ve missed out so far. She is an amazing singer, and it is a lovely film. And there is nothing which has touched me more about it than the words to this song.
As you all know by now, I’m a big fan of memories. I think that they are the things which matter the most, and I will treasure the moments I spend with people for much longer than I will treasure anything material (although don’t let that stop you buying me presents!). I have many fantastic memories of different people in my life, and I gained so many more over this weekend. So I just wanted to thank The Boy, for the memories I have with him, my family, for the memories I have with them which now luckily for me includes this weekend, and my friends with whom I share a million amazing moments.
I also want to thank the couple I sat next to on the plane today, who were very kind to talk to me, very interesting, and just very lovely. I’m so sorry I ran off without saying sorry. And I want to thank the guys from Adventure Spec who went offroad biking through the Sahara, because talking to them made my flight on Thursday interesting. This year, and the rest of my life is made up of the moments which people like that give me.
Thankyou all for being the drops of rain, grains of sand, notes that sing and words that rhyme in my life. You make it what it is.

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