From the rooftops

On Tuesdays I have this mammoth 4-hour-long break in the middle of my day. Which might sound good to those of you at uni, but lets factor in a few things.1) I live a good half-hour walk from home, at the least.
2) We don’t have a regular lunchtime at home, and if we did, I wouldn’t be done in time for class at 4.

Therefore, I have to stay in school. And that is endless. Sometimes I go and get lunch with friends, or sit in school on my laptop, but mostly I am just bored. Until today. Today I was made fully aware of the beauty that is, the ALIF-villa roof.

The weather has been getting warmer recently, and sunny, and the ALIF-villa roof is the best place to catch it. The view isn’t amazing, but who needs a view when you have a good friend to spend the time with? It was a genuinely great lunchtime today, and even though very little got done, it helped me to remember some of the things I like the best about Morocco.

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