A polite notice to Moroccan drivers

Hello there. If you are reading this then you drive in Morocco.I don’t expect you to know how to drive. Or even have a driving licence. And you certainly never wear a seatbelt. I know all these things, and I can tolerate them, but there are certain things which I just can’t handle when I walk home from school.

This is a polite notice to Moroccan drivers. Sort this out or I will key your car.

1) Indicators

  • To point out; to discover; to direct to a knowledge of; to show; to make known; To show or manifest by symptoms; to point to as the proper remedies; as, great prostration of strength indicates the use of stimulants; To signal in a vehicle the desire to turn right or left; To investigate the …
This is what Google defines as ‘indicating’. Allow me to draw your attention to the highlighted section. It’s very simple. You use those little flashing lights to show when you are turning. If you are not turning, then there is no need to have them on. It is, in fact, incredibly misleading. I can forgive the odd slip in turning without indicating, but there is no reason on Earth to indicate and then not turn. None at all.
2) Doors
This is mostly directed at taxi drivers. Doors are the four entrances into your car. In the same way as the door of your house, these are occasionally expected to close and stay closed. Please try to refrain from driving down the road with a passenger still trying to close the door. It is dangerous. It scares me.
3) Brakes
Most Moroccans are well used to using their brakes. I just want to make you aware that they are not meant to squeal whenever you use them. That is neither a good sign, nor normal. Your brakes probably squeal because you use them too violently because you seem to think you’re the only person on the road. Please have someone check your brakes.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation. And I am serious, I will key your car.

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