Does anyone else get stressed?

Trick question there. Of course you all get stressed, even if you don’t know it. Here is what Google has to say to define ‘stress’

Interesting sideline, but clearly not the kind of stress I am talking about.
I’m taking about the everyday stress that creeps and crawls and secretly takes over your whole life. I get that kind worryingly often, and I’m certainly starting to experience it now. My main problem is that I tend to stress physically as I stress emotionally. Symptoms of this include
– Spots
– Aching
– Tiredness
– Having hair that looks like a particularly static haystack
– Twisting my ankles
Genuinely, I twist my ankles more when I am stressed. Go figure.
Anyhow, there are a variety of stresses on my life right now, but since this is not a ‘see into Sally’s every thought’ blog, I am not telling you what they are. Suffice to say that they cover most fields, from my personal life to my academic, and my work life. This may only work for me, but I think I’ve discovered a fantastic stress beater. Writing. Whether I’m writing this blog, or writing my book, I can feel the stress just fall away from me.
I’d better not make a career out of this, otherwise I doubt I’d cope.

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