Hi guys,

In case you’re all in the dark about this, (and may I say, if you are then you live under a rock or in the bottom of a bottle) there is presently a lot of political unrest across north Africa and the Middle East. I want to draw your attention to it, because even though it began with just Tunisia and Egypt, the unrest has spread right across the region, and is seriously affecting most countries in the Arab world.

I’d like to know that everyone reading this blog has realised by now that political and social upheaval of this kind affects everyone, and not just the inhabitants of the countries involved. I have a lot of friends living right across the region, and in particular some class-mates who’ve been moved out of Alexandria in Egypt. There have been issues here in Morocco as well, with 5 people reportedly killed yesterday in a northern town, and protests across all the major cities, including Fes.

As this progresses I’m hoping that at the very least you can keep up, and have an opinion. But think as well about any aid efforts being brought about by the UK, USA and any other countries, and any action which your leaders are taking. This is an opportunity for our leaders to show their cards, and to anyone who has a care about politics, I urge you to listen.

For those who don’t care about politics, why not?

Sally out.

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