Chilly chillin’

I don’t care what anyone says, Fes is still cold. Ok, it might not have rained in a few days, but I am still feeling that breeze.

Of course, a good way to counter that might be to not sit outside for my lunch-break, but fresh air does a body good. So I am sitting outside the institute just chilling out, listening to a bit of good music (from here as it happens) and chatting a bit with my friend. Here she is.

Yes, I know that it looks like a tropical paradise, but don’t be fooled. It’s positively nippy. I’m supposed to be working, but as per the usual I am procrastinating. Which reminds me.

Do you need distracting?!
Well, you’re in the right place! Or, you soon will be. Just follow this link, and prepare to be 
less bored than you were before (probably).
I’m sure plenty of you have played a bit of Sporcle of an evening already, but my challenge is, sign up, and search up user hippocarMGE. And then the games will be on. Come on, distract me with your superior quizzing. I dare you.

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