Be Mine

90% of the people I know are Valentines haters. I think it’s so sad, because for all the reasons they come up with, they could still enjoy Valentines Day, but choose not to. Some of the top reasons why people hate Valentines Day are:

They are single
They are in a relationship, but cheap
They are in a relationship with a person who’s cheap
They are eternally in love with the sparkly vampire from ‘Twilight’ and he doesn’t love them

The reason they all CLAIM they dislike this celebration is

“It’s a consumerist and tacky way to take people’s money”

Which, it has to be said, is true. But it’s not why you actually hate Valentines day, so don’t say it. You are ruining other people’s happiness. And aside from that, there is no need to be a hater. Just adjust the holiday to suit you. Regardless of what anyone says, even the Scroogiest of us secretly likes these silly holidays, so just find a way to enjoy it.

Use it as an excuse to show the people who you love that you love them. Send a card to your Mum, or give some chocolate to a friend (that’s what I did this year). Valentines might technically be the ‘Couple’s holiday’ but there is no reason not to change it to the day where you really appreciate the relationships you have with the people in your life, and show them how much you care.

Haters, don’t be hatin.

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