Day 30

Are you keeping up? Today was day 30 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, as demonstrated by Sally.

Except of course that I am refusing to do it right, and therefore have modified it into a 45 day shred. I have done 15 days of level 1 rather than 10, and so on to level 3. So today, despite it being day 30, today I have just finished my stint of level 2.

I can highly recommend it. I feel fitter, and having had the verdict of a certain Boy, I can also say that I look fitter. I have more of a waist now, and a flatter belly. Which is all to the good, of course.

Aside from this, today it rained, as we have concluded it does often here in Fes. I had classes until late, and then I got a taxi with a door which wouldn’t close. Yes, I held my own door closed. The speed of the taxi did not help. I felt like any second I could go rolling out the door and onto the pavement, like in a film. Except I’m not a hero, and I’d have been seriously injured.

Not to mention wet.

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