Things revision makes me want to do

1) Eat chocolate – which I can’t do firstly because I don’t have any and secondly because even if I did, I’m trying to lose weight.

2) Exercise – which I can’t do because I have a workout video which, while it is awesome, is slowly ripping my muscles into little pieces meaning I can’t move.

3) Sleep – I could do this, but then I’d be awake later. Silly.

4) Watch TV – I am doing this, and am hugely aware that it’s not aiding my revision attempts at all. Bad times.

5) Watch films – I started with M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”. Not a massive fan.

6) Wash my clothes – this one is clearly procrastination because hand-washing clothes isn’t fun for anyone. Especially me, because I’m bad at it.

7) Blog – also achieved. Also not helped me with my work at all.


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