Jillian Michaels is ruining my thighs

Have I told you about how I’m getting fit?

Those of you who have been hanging around since I started the blog will know that I have tried a few different ways to get fit, specifically without spending money on a gym to do so. Welcome to the latest fad (which I hope is more than a fad, but we’ll see).

This woman is going to make me fit. And the photo is from FHM (edit: Unsurprisingly, as soon as I learnt anything about blogging I got rid of the picture. Don’t be stealing without asking children, it’s naughty. Anyway, onwards…), and shows how stunning she is, and therefore how much I already hate her. In the space of 3 days she has ripped my thighs open and done unmentionable things to them. But, I shall persevere. After all, living with Mme Halima and Mr Aziz, there isn’t a chance in hell that I could go on a diet.
I’m working on her 30-day Shred, and though it’s painful I have to say I’d recommend it to anyone because it takes only 30 minutes a day, very little space, and not much equipment. However, if you value walking, you’ll approach this with caution. I wish I had, because now I have to walk to school for an exam, and I’m afraid it might take me the whole 2 hours.

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