Snog Marry Avoid

Have you ever played the game Snog Marry Avoid? It goes like this. I pick out three people, for example

The Queen of England
Aiden Turner
Your own father
Then, you have to pick which one of the above you would snog, which one you would marry, and which one you would avoid.
Incidentally, this is also a TV program that I am obsessed with. They have a ‘personal overhaul device’ which does make-unders on people who look like this.
Strange as it seems (and it is) it’s also so compelling to watch. The girls are so dumb, the change is so remarkable. It’s better than any other before/after program you’ve ever seen. And it was stunning to actually watch it in time with the sounds, after my best friend Tilly lent me her laptop so that I could use iplayer and catch up. It was fabulous.

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