It doesn’t rain but it pours

I walked home in the rain, because I like the rain, and it was a nice temperature, and I love my walk home. What I do not like is when people drive past and drench you, especially on what is essentially a dual carriageway, with nothing in the other lane. That’s just cruel and unusual.

I do like the rain here in Fes, but they don’t do it by halves. After only a few hours of rain everywhere is up to its eyeballs in the stuff. There were points where I had no choice but to walk in water a few inches deep because there physically was no way around it. I do prefer rain that tries hard though. I hate going out in rain which is doing just slightly more than spitting, but less than real rain. The kind which gets you just more than damp, but not soaked.

The problem with this rain is that it just doesn’t try hard enough. Spitting is the world deciding if rain is a good idea, and it’s ok because you get a bit damp, but you dry off quickly enough. And when it tips it down on you at least you know that you’re good and wet and that’s the way it is. And once you’re good and wet it’s normally alright really (provided you’re not freezing cold as well, but that’s your own silly fault for not watching the weather forecast). In-between rain is the worst because it’s like it’s decided to just make your life a little bit suckier. You’re not soaked, but you’re not dry for the next hour either, and you know it.

That is my final say on the matter. Better soaked than damp and dreary.

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