Back by popular demand.

Are you all still out there? It’s been a while I know, but I’m back to my old tricks. To those of you who I don’t know well, the reason for the month-long break is that I have been off school and back in my native UK. To qualify that as a reason not to do a blog, I am going to write up my holiday diary for you. By this I mean, the things I did date by date, to prove that I was too busy for blogging.

19/12/10 – Flight back to the UK (in the snow) back at midnight.
20/12/10 – Sleep catch-up (yes, this was VITAL) and Pub
21/12/10 – Gift shopping and spending time with a certain Abstract Outlook
22/12/10 – Sleep again
23/12/10 – Sleep followed by expecting to go on a huge night out. Which was cancelled because everyone backed out. Fairynuff for me.
24/12/10 – CHRISTMAS EVE and therefore the day of many church services.
25/12/10 – CHRISTMAS DAY so we have 20 people at our house, along with loads of food and good cheer. and Trivial Pursuit. A good day had by all.
26/12/10 – Some close friends of the  family come over. More Trivial Pursuit. We lost, because I was on a team with a pair of teenage boys. And we got questions like

‘What is considered illegal in the Borough of Westminster
for people under 16 years old?’
I’ll let you ponder that one and get back to me on it. The answer is hilariously off-piste.
27/12/10 – I travelled for 7 hours by train to see the boy et al. It was a long journey filled with loud south-Asians.
28/12/10 to 5/1/11 – A lot of good stuff happened here. I can’t list it all out because it would take too long, but it was fantastic.
6/1/11 – I took the train home, stopping to see my best friend in Leeds. At 11pm we went to pick up a visiting BMS from the airport.
7/1/11 – BMS and I visited Sudbury. It rained and we had fish and chips
8/1/11 – I drove BMS to Cambridge. We were given a wonderful tour by a good friend, and saw a lot.
9/1/11 – Family meal day. All the family came round.
10/1/11 – London. Madame Tussauds, the South Bank, Buck house and Parliament. And Oxford Street.
11/1/11 – More London. Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Harrods, The Tower. Oh, and Oxford Street.
12/1/11 – We stayed in. And slept.
13/1/11 – Colchester, for shopping and the castle.
14/1/11 – Back to Cambridge for anything we’d missed, including the backs, and another visit to the Fudge Kitchen
15/1/11 – Day out with BMS and the parents. We went to Southwold, and my Dad won me a big pencil on the fruit machine.
16/1/11 – So here we are today. I have had a shower, blogged, and am about to leave to get on a plane back to Fes.
I hope it isn’t raining.

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