Guys. It’s Christmas

So hey. I’m now home, and in the snow. I’ve just wrapped the most Christmas presents you have ever seen. If you know me at all, consider yourself in luck because you’re probably getting something. If you don’t get anything, I’m sorry for getting your hopes up. But really, I tried to buy for everyone.

So today is all about Christmas present distribution for me really. And from now until I get back to Morocco you might find the blog getting a bit empty, for which I’m sincerely sorry. The truth is that you now know me inside out and there is really only so much I can say without starting to delve into the lives of others. Which I may begin doing, who knows? Anyway, thanks for being interested, I’m always happy to see when people have stopped by for a quick read. If I don’t get a chance to see you before the big day, let me wish everyone a massive (and yes, I plan on altering the text size in accordance with that)

God bless x

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