Today I had a fit of the giggles in class. I laughed so much I started crying. It was generally quite ridiculous. I have been told many times that I have
a) No sense of humour
b) A bad sense of humour
c) Don’t “get” the joke
d) A weird sense of humour

Now, two of those are totally right, and two are totally wrong. Firstly, I often don’t understand other peoples jokes. Mostly it’s because they’re not funny, but I can’t judge because I’m often not funny either. That’s because the second truth is that I have a weird sense of humour. The only person who almost always gets my jokes is my Dad, which is nothing to be proud of.

Here are some things which make me laugh.

People thinking they are being really funny
Unintentionally mean comments
People mixing up their words
Jokes which aren’t supposed to be funny now you’re older
Clever and witty remarks (but only if I understand them)
Unintentionally hilarious comments
I am frequently the only person in the room laughing at the last one. But then if I find something funny I can’t help but laughing and it’s one of the things which makes me such a happy person, so it’s not like anyone can really take exception to it. You should try laughing at something today and just see how happy it makes you.

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