Goodbye Blogosphere

I’m going away. I’ve been told its for a week, today until next Friday, but don’t be surprised if I don’t post until Sunday or Monday.

Today has been a mission, but I’m finally home and ready to get going. It’s inconvenient having to go away, but it will be a wonderful experience I’m sure. Let me leave you with some words of advice which I would have found very useful over the last few days.

1) Do not offer to make potato puree. A potato ricer is not a fun implement.
2) Do not offer to make potato puree if you will have to use a sieve to strain the lumpy potato. Especially if this process might take 40 minutes, while you are being watched by the maid because you don’t know how to ask her to help.
3) Don’t be high-and-mighty about your attendance if you’re getting ill.
4) Don’t let yourself be a hypocrite.

And with those words of advice, I shall bid you farewell. Enjoy yourselves, and if you do one thing this week, make sure that it does not involve eating a lightbulb in any way.


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