Let me tell you about Eid.

We  kill one of those –> actually kill it like with blood and stuff.
At the momemt, that’s prettymuch all I know about the process, but that feels like enough. Not massively into Sheep-Slaughter myself.

However, something I do personally know about Eid, is that it is trying to destroy my life. Because until yesterday, everything was going fine, I was popping to a wedding in Rabat tomorrow, back by Sunday, and then chilling here next week.

Yesterday, that all changed, when we decided what would be better would be to go to Rabat, and then just stay there. For the whole week. Friday-Friday.

Now, I don’t function well without my computer anyway, because I use it to keep in contact with everyone I love at home, so a week without internet feels pretty bad anyway. Lets factor into that now, the fact that I am supposed to have class on Monday and Tuesday. This wouldn’t be an issue if the school could treat us like adults, but apparently they can’t. Which means I was told in no uncertain terms earlier that unless I get written permission to be absent from Leeds, that will count against my grade. Even though I have no option but to go, and anyway it’s a cultural experience. Bad times in other words.

Final life destroying factor. I don’t even much want to miss class, but it is a kind offer and I will not be so rude as to refuse it. But I have to have written permission, and that has to come from our ‘Year Abroad Tutor’. The woman who took 8 weeks to reply to a student e-mail. I have little chance of getting my permission by tomorrow, and I resent greatly being marked down because of this quite clearly well -explained absence. I am not a happy sheep. I feel like I’m heading to an Eid celebration.

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