Counting Blessings

One thing I have realised this morning is that I don’t appreciate the things which I have enough. I felt grumpy when I woke up because it was cold, and 6.30am, and I have class at 8. But after a bit of grumping around, I realised I am being silly.

1) I have a wonderful family who love me and keep in contact most days.
2) I know a nice young man called The Boy who always makes me smile when I need it.
3) I have a great group of friends who want to know what’s going on and brighten my spirits.
4) I have a great host family who make stuff nice for me.
5) I get my own room, with internet access.
6) I’m living in a beautiful flat, in a nice area.
7) I don’t need to worry about food and I’m learning to cook Moroccan.
8) I am on a degree program at a good UK university, and studying at a reputed language school.

And that is before I even get on to how I have water, clothes, food, and a roof over my head, some things which people in parts of the world not far from here would kill for. Really, I’m a very lucky person indeed.

ALSO: I don’t know if the internet knows I am a language student or if this happens for everyone. When I click the ‘next blog’ button (on the bar at the top of the page) I always get blogs in random languages. Today’s language is: Russian!

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