المضارع المرفوع و المنصوب

Predictably, I have homework, which I am not doing.

I should probably stop retreating here every time I get work which I’m not keen on. Today the reason I am not keen on working is fairly straightforward, and it is that I am annoyed about my class (again). I got my most recent test back, and I got 30.25 out of 40. Now as an optimist I look at that and see 75%, which is a 1st by our University grading system. But all the same, I was worried to have missed out on an entire quarter of the marks, so I asked the teacher if he thought I was working at the right level.

He told me I had the second highest mark in the class.

Then later, everyone had their hissy fit about the speed of the lessons once again. Now, I can sympathise, because we are going slowly. But equally, we’re not getting high marks in the tests, by anyone’s standards. This is not an isolated incident, and it seems like some people just need to wake up and realise that until the class starts taking in the material, there is no point in moving any faster. Why work on harder material when we can’t even master the basics?

Consequently I am annoyed with our work today. Our homework is the present tense. The present tense. The tense I am presently using, the first tense which any language student learns in any language. I am finding the exercises quite spun-out, but I know that I am having to think which is good. What annoys me, is that tomorrow, half the class will not have bothered with the homework.

I think I need to sit back and count my blessings again!

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