The Tale of the Snail

This morning I was informed that the snails were on the boil ready to make Ghlelah. Snail in snail sauce to the rest of the normal world. I was shaken by this idea because I am not particularly keen on putting some kind of slimy little beastie in my mouth. I was aprehensive for lunch.

Lunch came and went snail-less. We had a delicious barbeque instead. I felt like Halima was teasing me, making me squirm because I didn’t know when she would decide to spring the snails on me. I spent the whole afternoon worrying – and not really working, not that the two are connected.

TANGENT: By the way I have an exam on tuesday. It’s for 10 credits of this year, and it’s in spoken dareeja. If you know me then you’ll know that considering I’m a language student I have a really impressive fear of spoken exams, so that could go well. You’ll also know that I suck at revising, hence the not really working. And now back to the story…

Finally, an hour ago I was called for dinner. I dallied on my way to the living room, trying to postpone the inevitable. Finally I gave up and got sat down. What did I find in front of me?

Rice pudding, except made with couscous.

Apparently, having scared me all day, the decision was taken that with my delicate stomach (what with it being weird on me the past week) I should not really eat snails in snail juice. I should instead eat wrong rice pudding, followed by cold boiled veg and a large lump of meat.
And you know, I am not complaining at all. Snails can wait.

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