And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the grand finale

Sorry if I’ve deprived anyone of their morning reading today (a lot of people seem to read my blog at around 8am. Go figure) But I have been busy. By which I mean I slept in, which was delicious, and then I had a nice chilled out breakfast with Halima, and then I went to school.

And got harangued by Zaim for not turning up to classes (not  me specifically, but us in general). Then we did nothing productive for two hours, which probably explains why people skip off. Lunch was nice though, had a good old chatter with the girls (and my new Texan friend) and went to lunch together to have questionable paninis – A panini by the way, is a silly foodstuff. Starting with the name, I mean that was clearly invented by the Italians as yet another way to make the upper class of the western world sound really stupid. Secondly, what was ever wrong with the toastie? Paninis are always too crunchy and crispy and not filled enough. Never such problems with a toastie. And panini looks daft pluralised. Paninis. Is there another way? Let me know. Now back on topic…

Had a test in Dareeja, which was acceptable. Then we did a bit of revision because we have the final exam tomorrow. I’m not hugely worried for the actual content, I am just terrified of oral exams in general and I always freeze up and end up making ‘Help Me’ faces at the teacher until they let me leave.

Anywho, I shall now revise. Sorry for the lack of interesting posts. I do still love you all though.

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