Test over. Predictably, it went fine. Maybe. Whatever, done with now.

So now it’s hometime. Seriously, there is now a day until I have my England holiday and it hardly matters to me at all. I feel like I can just chill and not care. Of course, that’s not true at all, but whateverever. I’m really happy and I can’t think of anything reasonable to say.


Here is my unreasonableness.

We are now sitting in the garden discussing novels, and diaries, and it feels a bit comical that I’m recounting this on my blog. We’re now discussing flashing our teachers for marks. I think I should get involved in the conversation and stop writing now.

UPDATE: The panini issue has been solved for me by a highly educated friend (and several others, but he was first). I have been reliably informed that Panini is actually the plural. The singular is Panino. Taa Daa

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