I am making up for my late post yesterday with a ridiculously early one today. It’s 7.48, which makes me ten minutes early for our first class of our new schedule, and I’m the only person here. Well, apart from this one guy who I think might be German but I don’t know well enough to ask. He’s nice. We’re not talking.

Fila is the ALIF cat. Which is to say she hangs around here the whole time and everyone feeds her. We don’t have a clue who she belongs to. I’m personally not a cat fan, and especially not a fan of the kind that mews insistently at my ankles. I never have any food anyway.

Today I have a test, and I am very nervous. It’s at 3pm, but it’s in Dareeja and I have a whole morning of our new Fsha course beforehand. Never mind eh. Did I say we had a new schedule? Well, we have a new schedule. Might be interesting to see who makes it into class, knowing the attendance record so far this year. We are a poor group of students.

My head feels like this.

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