When in Rome…

Well I’m not in Rome, but you get my drift. While here I should do as Moroccans do. And it is killing me.

The thing is, we start classes at 8am, but I don’t have dinner until 10pm at the earliest and then it goes on an hour. I have zip chance of being in bed before midnight. Then I have to be up at 6.30 if I want a shower (which my hideous teenage hair still insists upon. I wonder if when I turn twenty it’ll just suddenly become not a greaseball?) Which means I get six and a half hours sleep at most. That is by no means enough sleep for me. Today after my test (did I mention I was having tests? already? They’re not great fun) I’m going home and sleeping.

Also, blogging in class makes me cool right?

Also also…no, I’ve forgotten. You know why? Because I’m knackered.

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