I’m quite impressed that my bank haven’t blocked my card by now, considering that in the last 2 weeks I have booked 6 flights to and from Morocco. Excessive right?

The situation is thus – my Moroccan tourist visa expires after 90 days, but for this term, I have to be in the country longer than that. Two solutions
1) Get a residency visa for a year. That requires a mountain of paperwork, and a Moroccan bank account full of £2000 UK sterling which I can’t touch for a month.
2) Leave and come back again since they’re quite flexible on tourist visas.

Considering I can get a return to the UK for £45, you have to think, ‘why not?’.

So that is what I am doing. I shall return to the UK for 4 days between the 21st and 26th of October. It’ll be a nice break plus I can see family and stuff, so it’ll be perfect. Then I’ll be back for Christmas and again for Easter, and I needn’t come back in the middle of those terms because they’re each below 90 days = )

And anyway, I was informed by my Taxi driver today that family is very important. Like, seriously. Like there is nothing better than if you’re sitting at a table, a big table and you can look to my side and there is my father, across there is my sister, my auntie, my brother. The guy got seriously into this train of thought. He was cheap though, so who’s arguing anyway?

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