The heat here is doing terrible things to me.

Firstly, it’s mad difficult to concentrate, and all of Arabic just fuses into one big mess in my head
Secondly, it makes me a really awful girlfriend. I’m a pretty useless one anyway, but the added heat does nothing for me
Thirdly, there totally was a third thing, but the heat made me forget.

Oh well, I did some classes today, and they were acceptable and I now have a ton of homework, which is also acceptable, and I managed to get taxis which were acceptable. An acceptable day was had, basically.

Halima comes back tonight, so less maid duties for me hopefully. And maybe I can get my camera developed and buy some stamps (that I’ve been meaning to buy since I got here, but I’ve not got round to it because my head thinks it now lives in the middle of the sun) – Today was marginally dramatic when a classmate went all funny on us, kinda collapsed. She went to the doctor to have some tests but we don’t know how she is yet. Sure she’ll be fine though, she’s a fighter.

That’s my day. Voila.

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