My brain, and what happens when it isn’t happy with me

Today, my brain is not happy with me. And I know why. I’ve been thinking too much.

See, that sounds stupid to most people, but if you know me, you know that my brain is a high-powered fact-factory working at every hour of the day on useless information and complete nonsense. Occasionally a thought comes along, and it is the spanner in the factory of my mind. Normally it’s a thought like this –

*Sally: I suddenly and inexplicably think I am a terrible girlfriend.
5minutes time
*Sally: I now feel the pressing need to forget everything else in favour of placating my boyfriend, even though he doesn’t yet know I’m a bad girlfriend, and probably I will completely over-do it.

I then proceed to completely overdo it, apologising and feeling guilty for something the boyfriend doesn’t even really understand. It’s like I can feel my head-factory whizzing and spinning and then screeching to a halt.

The problem is, that  my Arabic then comes out like this

فبفعات ىفععخنب يييلنخ ررررررررررررررررؤؤؤؤؤؤؤ

for those of you that don’t read Arabic, that means this

Vpfat Yfachenb Eyelennk Rrrrrrrrrwwwwww

so, you can see my problem. Incidentally, I should add that although I am thoroughly unreasonable, the boyfriend is always lovely about it. I guess that’s why he’s still my boyfriend, rather than being all ‘run for the hills’ whenever he sees me. I have a good thing going on, and mustn’t forget it.

The point is, my Arabic is suffering, because my brain is broken. Fail.

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