com·men·tat·ed, com·men·tat·ing, com·men·tates

It’s easy, in times like these when everyone is a first-hand witness to the atrocities of the world via real-time coverage and social media, to feel the need to share your commentary on every event.

But actually, you don’t have to.

Terrible things are happening every day. Terrible people are making a lot of them happen. Those people feed on attention, they are greedy for it, and they depend on it. No, ignoring the problem will not make it go away. But you can be a helper without discussion of the acts, the motivation, and the reactions.

Good places to help right now are:

Only give to charities and organisations whose work supports your personal beliefs, and be aware that there are organisations in the world who may not use your funds as you might like – a little research will normally turn up most problems, or you can use resources like aliveandgiving to check a charity’s credentials.

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