Who knows (whose nose)?

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Ok, so. To explain, Who Knows Whose Nose is a game I had when I was younger. You had a variety of animal noses in a bag, and you had to pick one out and then put it on the right animal. It was great for cognitive something (probably).

The world feels like one big speculative mess at the moment. Like, a really big mess. Someone let Donald Trump go to Saudi Arabia. We’re clearly doing things badly wrong guys.

The main thing which we’re doing wrong right now, is being defeatist. I maintain that Doomsday Preppers is probably one of the best programmes on TV, but we don’t all need to live our lives like that. There is more hope for our future than that. At times like these, it’s all too easy to say ‘there’s no point’ because you know what will happen.

But newsflash. Nobody knows.

The world is a strange and exciting place, and humanity is a strange and exciting (and sometimes dangerous, but we’ll pass over that one) species. And the more we learn, and progress, the better we are at seeing the bigger picture, avoiding the pitfalls, and making the right decisions. Just because you know how something has gone before, doesn’t mean that the same thing will happen this time.

What comes next? Honestly, nobody knows.

(though that being said, I clearly have my own views…)


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