My friend had this thing she and her family would do, where she’d randomly hum or sing a note, and then someone would just join in with whatever song came to mind.

I always ended up singing “Danny Boy” and she always went with the theme tune to Spongebob Squarepants.

The word ‘somewhere’ is a bit like that, because it conjures up a different feeling, image, or memory for everyone. The only complete truths may be death and taxes, but I think a close third is that no matter what, people are always thinking about their ‘somewhere’. It’s where you’re aiming for, or where you wish you were, or where you feel happiest. Everyone has a somewhere.

My somewhere is intangible, which probably means I’m somehow special (or alternatively means nothing at all, idk). My somewhere isn’t a place, it’s just The Destination. I know everything I do is taking me closer, and I know when I get there I want it to feel safe above all else. I don’t know where it is at all, but I don’t think I’ll ever get there, because I think it has to be the place I’m always reaching towards.

Of course, there are interim somewheres as well. Like bed, or being on stage, or drinking good coffee and laughing when it’s really nice weather (but not too hot because that’s just the worst). Those are all my taster somewheres, reminding me how great my actual somewhere will be, once I get there.

I think my only fear about ‘somewhere’ is, what if I make it. What would I strive towards if I had my perfect safe place. Would it even be that great? But I guess you just don’t know where to stop until you get there anyway.

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  1. I really like this post, and would like to add that I feel that when a person reaches their somewhere, they often turn to the rest of the world and try to help those people keep reaching, or get one step closer – and their original somewhere (which they achieved) evolves. Kind of like how billionaires (hopefully) become philanthropists? Or experts then get into teaching?

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