An Apology

Yesterday, I wrote about equality, and how to fix the world we need to stop being afraid of those who are different from us.

Today, I remember why it isn’t as easy as that argument. I’ve remembered how easy it is for me to say “forget the past, move on from it, don’t be held back by how you’ve been defined before”.

It’s easy for me because I’m white, and free, and well off, and educated to a high level. We are the people who are always asking everyone to get over it, or forget what happened in the past because it’s holding us back. We are the people who need to remember what a huge thing we are asking of the rest of the world.

The argument in itself isn’t wrong. We should be defined by our differences, but not judged for them. We should embrace our individuality and recognise the right to individuality which every other person has.

But we also need to respect that part of that individuality might be borne of oppression, rejection, and hardship.

Sorry for forgetting that guys.

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