Hello World, It’s me, Sally

So it’s been a while since I was this bad at blogging. But since the entire world is acting like Armageddon is upon us, I think I can probably be forgiven.

I’ve been absent because I’ve been busy, and tired, and doing-other-things (like visiting a massive fan or two in Liverpool, I cannot recommend the Mersey Tunnel tour highly enough, no, I am absolutely not kidding)

I’ve also been struggling to decide what I should write about. There’s so much going on in the world, but it’s almost all bad, and I’m honestly a little bit tired of ranting about driving, and weather, and politics. It has felt like there is nothing nice to talk about, and really that’s all I want to think about right now. So I’ve started making an advent calendar, and baked a lot of cakes, and spent a lot of time playing Skyrim, listening to Critical Role, and buying lots of new boots.

I think my desire to vanish into games or TV probably speaks volumes for the world outside. It’s grey and rainy, all the good food is unhealthy, all the good people are passing away, and someone let the fascists back in charge. Oh, and my boiler has died. One of my greatest blessings however, in true “count-your-blessings” style, is that I have things to help me worry less about the above. Distractions like work, and friends,  and theatre.

Now I cannot promise that any of the above;
a) means I will write any more
b) makes any real sense

But it’s good to acknowledge the good things even when the world seems particularly gloomy, and I couldn’t think of a better place to do that than here.

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