Things I am afraid of

I wrote this title in 2014, somehow thinking it might be engaging reading.

And it will be, so here goes…

  1. The dark.
    I keep thinking I might get over it, but no. I run through my house once the lights are off.
  2. Scorpions.
    Again, something to get over what with living in a country with no scorpions, but I still check the end of my bed about once a week in case a scorpion has snuck in.
  3. Fireworks.
    They are just explosives. Why does anyone like them.
  4. The future.
    Just like everyone else.
  5. Falling off high-up paths.
    I’m not on high-up paths very often, but the second I’m anywhere near an edge I become convinced I’m going to fall to my death.
  6. Losing my keys.
    Constantly convinced that they’ve vanished. It wouldn’t even be much of an issue if I did, but there we are.
  7. Scary films/stories.
    Because I can’t convince myself that they aren’t all real.
  8. Zombies.
    Because they are definitely real.

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