Let me be the first to admit that recording my life is not a forté. Take this blog – on and off upkeep for the last 6 years, but with really tremendous gaps (like the entire 3 months I spent in Spain – great work past-me). I also cannot take photos for the life of me, by which I mean that I forget most of the time, and when I remember to take a photo, it’s normally shocking and unrecognisable.

Coincidentally to the above, I recently found out that one of my managers (I have a lot) has read/is reading my blog, and so now I’m writing for a target audience of my Grandma, my Mum, and my boss.

Said manager is the first person who mentioned bullet journalling to me, and said she thought I’d really like it. I was sceptical. Then I looked it up. And fell in love with the concept. It’s simple really. A combination of to-do lists and journalling which equates to a very brief overview of your day-to-day life, while also being practical. At least, that’s the concept. Unfortunately for me, the internet went and got involved, setting insanely high standards. Search for bullet journal on Instagram if you don’t believe me.

Regardless, I’ve pushed on with it, and my first day of bullet-journalling begins tomorrow. Here are my first few pages:

Index (plus stork from my adult colouring book because apparently I’m that person now)
future log
Future Log (complete with child-like writing)
big month
Big month































I’ll let you know how it goes (probably) and whether or not it ends up just being another fad (almost definitely).

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