Things in Frames

After yesterday’s flurry of crafts, I thought I’d introduce you to all of the things-in-frames which I have around the house (and most of which Boyfriend hates. But it’s not up to him)

things in frames

The top left hanging isn’t technically framed, but it’s great so it had to be included. It’s an Assassin’s Creed painting on leather, all the way from Cuba. Next to that is a photo of the cast of Ruddigore, which I was given after producing the show with OperaSoc. The dragon print I won – it was done by my friend Charli Vince who makes beautiful things. Finally for the top row, I’ve got a photo of the Backstage crew for Into the Woods, and some photos of me and Boyfriend.

Second row begins with my “special recognition” Riley award, which involved oh so many tears. Then there is an Indian painting on marble, which my uncle brought for us from actual India. Following that, my A0 Cinderella poster, which has pride of place on my living room wall. Then a new addition, a scratchaway world map. Most of it is not scratched. Then my art from yesterday, which is a Leeds cityscape overlaid with little bits of coloured gel. And finally, another A0 poster, this time from a conference Boyfriend went to (he’s super smart).

Lastly we have our jigsaw, which took about 2 years, and then had to be framed. Our Mario canvases which have followed us from house to house, and which we painted together in the summer of 2011, and last but not least, a beautiful print of pansies which my aunt bought me, and which live on my bedroom wall.

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