Because I am British

This week it has yoyo’d between glorious Bahamian sun and all-out bruise-your-skin hail. Also there has been snow. And sleet. And a mix of the two which manifests itself as little cold polystyrene balls which bounce around looking confused and then melt away to nothing.

So it’s obviously the perfect time for all of the global warming/climate change deniers to come scurrying out of the woodwork. Because how on Earth can global warming be a thing if it’s snowing in April?!

Which is probably the most irritating argument in the world. It’s like that dress all over again (you know the one I mean). Just because you’re seeing one thing, doesn’t mean another thing isn’t the truth. Your opinion doesn’t make the truth less true. That’s fundamentally not how truth works.


Also, the weather is just terrible.

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